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  • High carbons material,wear-resistant and scratch-resistant,reinforced hardness, durable

  • Rotate in all directions, no winding,instantly adjust the direction of forces;

  • Uniform inner section easy to shrink

  • Feel comfortable, lighter weight,not tired for a long time.

  • The fishing rods are even and thick at each section,and the incisions are neatand more stable.

  • The telescopic pole is light and portable, and can be easily installed in the trunk of a car, boat or backpack, so that you can go fishing anytime and anywhere you like.

  • There are various sizes and lengths of freshwater bass fishing, seawater surf fishing or offshore fishing.

  • The ergonomic design is the best gift for fishing enthusiasts, suitable for people of all ages, and can promote family relationships.

  • Suitable for ocean, freshwater lake, river....