Face tracking Selfie Stick APAI-GENIE 360°

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  • Auto Tracking Selfie Stand - Face & Object tracking, real-time target locking, as long as select the target in the camera interface, the stand will follow the target to complete multiple scenes shooting.

  • 360° infinite rotation - Horizontal 360 degree rotation holder, automatically tracking without dead angle. The combination of image stabilization systems and computer vision algorithm makes the tracking smoother.

  • Long Continuous Working - New generation of efficient energy-saving algorithm, combined with ultra-low power Bluetooth 5.0 chip, providing a 50-hours continuous working time. Rely on the convenience of AA batteries, you will never miss a shot or capturing.

  • Simple Operation - Automatic connection without registering and complex tutorials. Just use the mobile phone to download the software APAI GENIE and open it, then keep holding the [Power On] key in the stand for 5 seconds, it will connect automatically (Support system iOS 10.0 and later, Android 8.1 and later)

  • Notice - We recommended to shoot in a simple scene for the best tracking effect.