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  • 3D independent Floating Cutter Head Smooth: BlackStone Provides 3 independent floating heads, which add one-third more shaving area than a normal double-head razor to accommodate different contours

  • Ultra-thin Double Ring Cutter Net High Efficient Shaving No Stubble:The Cutter net and blades Are double-loop design,which greatly increases the contact are between the cutter and the face to Improves the shaving efficiency. Ultra-thin cutter improve the high-efficiency shaving.

  • 5w Rated Power:The Electric Shaver equipped with ESM intelligent system,5W high power and 67dB low noise for a comfortable experience.

  • Charging for 1 hour Lasting for 2 months: it only takes 1 hour to fully charge the electric shaver,and last for 90 minutes. It can be used for 1.5 minutes per day and continuously for 2 months.At the same time, it supports plug-and-play. When it is out of power,plug it in and continue To work immediately.

  • Automatic Grinding Blade More sharp and sharper. The razor blade is made of Japanese steel. When used,the blade is automatically to keep the cutter head sharp and durable