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Effortlessly disinfect homes, businesses, and venues with the powerful Cordless Airless Disinfectant Spray Gun. Combining premium technology with everyday convenience, staying safe from harmful bacteria, viruses, and germs has never been easier. Simply aim and spray to release a concentrated spray mist that effectively disinfects rooms and objects. The extremely convenient, powerful, and easy to use spray gun is a must have for all businesses and at-risk homes!

Premium Protection Meets Daily Convenience

  • Cordless & Rechargeable Design: Freely disinfect any area as needed without being restricted by a pesky outlet cord. Allowing you to move freely around any area, the battery powered spray gun can be recharged in between uses for convenience to avoid constantly replacing batteries. The cost-efficient and convenient design puts your health and safety first.


  • Airless Spray Gun: The innovative Airless Disinfection Spray Gun uses airless technology to create an easy disinfecting experience. The airless design also allows the spray gun to be more powerful without diluting the disinfectant spray with water for a more effective cleaning.
  • Multi-Purpose Disinfectant: Whether you want to disinfect your living room, bedroom, home office or have a commercial use such as schools, venues, mall entrances, large offices and more, the powerful Disinfectant Spray Gun does it all.

  • Simply & Easy To Use: Disinfect any room in just seconds with the extremely convenient Disinfection Spray Gun. Simply fill the bottle with the desired disinfectant, aim, and pull the trigger to release a disinfecting cloud of steam and mist. Complete with a transparent spray bottle, easily check the levels of your disinfectant and refill before you run out.

  • Powerful Spray Disinfectant: Designed to carefully disinfect any room or item, the advanced Spray Gun provides protection from various bacteria, viruses, and germs. Ensuring good health and safety in everyday rooms or items, the protective spray gun is a must have for businesses and homes.

  • Large Spray Range & Temperature Efficiency: Disinfect whole rooms with a powerful 2.5 range that covers large areas at once. The spray gun and disinfectant work at normal room temperatures to allow for simple and easy disinfecting of all environments.


How To Use:

  1. Charge the spray gun
  2. Fill the spray bottle with the desired spray disinfectant
  3. Secure the bottle onto the spray gun
  4. Turn the spray gun by pressing the on/off button
  5. Point the spray gun around the room in a sweeping motion
  6. Pull the trigger gently to spray the disinfectant
  7. Turn the device off when finished with the on/off button
  8. Recharge when necessary